Damn you, Joseph!

The Hippy and I were discussing some bullshit going on with the house we might be buying.  We’ve been feeling slighted by our realtor, which the Hippy attributes to us not having a lot of money to spend on a house.  Which is why if this house doesn’t pan out, he’s out.  Because we don’t have a lot of money to spend on a house, it’s pretty damn important he’s on top of his game so we don’t get the shaft.  I don’t expect a lot, but he’s been making some mistakes that could be costly to us.

In his annoyance with the realtor, The Hippy related the story of Joseph to me.  Jesus’ adoptive father Joseph, not Dreamcoat Donny Osmand Joseph.  I’ve not read much of the New Testament, but the gist of the story was that Joseph helped customers in the order they came to him, not based on how much money they had.  And that’s how he expects to be treated by any realtor we might have.

So as he’s telling me this story, I start feeling bad about How Far? I still think it’s unreasonable for someone in this day and age to take two hours of a sales clerk’s time.  I contend that Joseph’s time was far less populated, and Joseph wasn’t working for a big box store.  But I do feel bad that I was annoyed with how much she spent.  I am a product of working for who I work for.  Each scheduled hour of work needs to bring in (last I heard) $70 to be viable.  So, if I’m spending two hours with her, and she only spends $50, I haven’t done my job.

I have a lot of annoyances on how they work the scheduled hours, but I will probably never go into them here unless I get really pissed off.  Suffice it to say, the big wigs expect us to make $2000/day more from last year, but they’re giving us 600 less hours a week in which to do it.  So, yeah… I don’t have two hours to give one customer.  At least the freight “should” be getting lighter over the course of the next few weeks.  Christmas is so close I can taste it, and I’m certain I will make it through this season alive.  And probably still with a job (because I promised the Hippy I wouldn’t lose my job so we could still afford a house).


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