There’s a fine line here…

If you read the “Meet the Ghoti” page, you’ll notice it mentions I’m a stickler for grammar.  I feel as if I should also add linguist to that list, because while I am a stickler in writing (I don’t necessarily consider blogging writing, as I find it far more conversational), I’m not so much a stickler for speech.  You won’t ever hear me correct the way someone says something, though I often do it in my head.  The only time I will ever correct someone is when they correct someone else for saying “So-and-so and me.”  There are times when “me” is correct, so if you are going to be a dick, at least get your information straight.


Given this knowledge, it should come as no surprise that I love this shirt from Signals.  I wouldn’t wear it… don’t get me wrong.  But I’d probably be game for making a bag that said that.  I have this sickness.  You see, when I read things, I often read them the way they are “supposed” to be.  I don’t have a problem with people ending sentences with prepositions, but I really just love the sound of a sentence that’s been manipulated to not end that way.  “I am the grammarian about whom your mother warned you.”  Beautiful.


Completely unrelated, however, I do think this hoodie is about the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, and I would actually wear it.  If I had $60 laying around, it would be mine, no questions asked.

(Props to Signals… these images completely belong to them; I make no claims that they might be mine, though I did screenshot them myself.  Both images link to the Signals website, because I firmly believe in fair play, and I also think the Signals catalgue is awesome.)


3 thoughts on “There’s a fine line here…

  1. My buddy George has a hoodie addiction. I personally own maybe 1 hoodie, but the one from Signals you have above is very nice. I also feel compelled to try to type as correctly as possible now that I have read your post. (I will admit that my favorite shirt from Signals is the “So Many Books, So Little Time” one. Have you seen the “Reading is sexy” shirts? With the librarian image? Classic.)


  2. DK says:

    Gotta love the Signals! I think that’s why I love The Afternoon so much–they have very similar items.

    I like the I Read Banned Books bracelet 🙂

    I also own far too many hoodies. But I’m always, always cold, so they come in handy.


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