Inaugural Post

Maybe this should wait until January, but I just really felt like now was the time to move over.  And what better way to start my new blog than to blog about getting Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and Lucky November?

After a very long day at work, I was extremely excited to go vote.  Voting itself was pretty uneventful.  I felt powerful filling in that bubble next to Barack Obama and Joe Biden.  I filled out all the judges on principle alone.  But 7:30 rolled around and I realized I never went to get ice cream!  Free ice cream!  So Jenna rushed up to get me and we raced to our local “First enclosed mall in the country.”  We got in line at almost exactly 8pm (the cut off) and only one couple made it in behind us.


I should have taken a picture from the second floor, but this is the line we were met with.  Yes, that’s Santa’s village we were standing next to.  The couple behind us was, well, obnoxious, but I wasn’t going to let that ruin my day.  I voted.  We were in line for free ice cream.  Nothing could bring me down!


The girl in charge of being “last in line” (thereby cutting off any other freeloaders) was telling the last couple that they’d run out of a lot of flavors already, but they had all the sorbets and frozen yogurt.  I started getting nervous.  Then she said they had vanilla, strawberry, and three kinds of chocolate.  I was getting disappointed–I didn’t come to Ben and Jerry’s for strawberry!!  Then she said “Imagine Whirled Peace.”  That was it.  I couldn’t contain myself.  We were still at that photo’s point in the line when she told us this.

So, a half hour later, when I finally got to the front and didn’t see a “sold out” on Imagine Whirled Peace but ALSO didn’t see a box for it… Well, I was confused.  So I asked the girl if they had it, and they did.  Lucky November!

Obama won and free Imagine Whirled Peace!  Lucky November!  More on Lucky November tomorrow and (hopefully) for the rest of the month.


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