Long time coming…

I’ve been meaning to write about this since my birthday weekend (we’re pushing three weeks now), but better late than never, right?

I told anyone who asked that I didn’t want any presents.  I meant it.  But I got presents anyway, which is fine because I loved them all.  I got many sundry antique bakeware from my parents and an awesome can of nacho cheese.  If I told you the story behind the nacho cheese–or even why it was my favorite present–you’d all think I was crazy and I would lose any credibility I might have.

But I do have to tell about a really awesome present I got from someone who hadn’t heard about my “no presents” clause (Mostly I didn’t think about it, but I know telling her wouldn’t have stopped her anyway, because she’s pretty much awesome).  I met my good friend Sarah through Etsy at one of our old TeamMN meetings.  She has three shops on Etsy: CuriousSundries, MoonlightTreasures, and CreativeSundries (the original shop).

Due to my highly limited photo editing skills, this photo looks as if my hand may be magic, or at least not real.  I assure you it is.  I just suck at editing photos.

You can find awesome pendants like these in the Creative Sundries shop.

Why magic?  Even though it has been known to frustrate and even offend some people, whenever I’ve been asked how something was made or done, I always reply, “Magic.”  It became a running joke, even.  And it’s truly just a reflex now.

I wish I could “magic” my photo editing! haha

Thank you again, Sarah!!


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