Back in the kitchen

These last couple weeks have seen me back at my sewing machine in preparation for the Christmas season.  It occurs to me that to the regular world, September is too soon to be thinking about Christmas.  But I’ve been in the retail world for a large chunk of my life, and Christmas started a week or two ago (a couple months ago in fabric land).

When working so hard, it’s important to get enough fiber.  The easiest way I’ve found is to serve up a heaping helping of your scraps.  They will give you enough energy to get through even the longest of hauls in front of your machine.  Be sure to use scraps from many different kinds of fabric to get a varied portion of all your essential nutrients.

I personally prefer them at room temperature, but scraps are great hot or cold as well.  And it’s a perfect way to reduce the amount of waste you generate.  It’s just like the Native Americans using every part of the buffalo.

Isn’t it?


3 thoughts on “Back in the kitchen

  1. jesserino says:

    It’s totally like using every part of the buffalo! I’ve been sewing Christine’s wedding invitations and have a cup full of clipped threads at home that I can’t wait to snack on.


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