On stripping and slouching

As a kid, I spent summer time and winter break religiously watching Aleene’s Creative Living.  The genius behind Tacky Glue was my first exposure to Friendly Plastic and the Print Gocco.  I remember trying to make a tacky glue and white bread clay to frame a tiger paint by number I made.  Trying was the operative word, though Aleene swore it would work.  I made jewelry with Friendly Plastic.  I still fantasize about the Gocco, but I have no graphic design skills, so I don’t even bother dreaming much anymore (mom always said no… who knows how different I would be now if she’d gotten me one).

But one thing that I still remember Aleene promoting was a posture belt.  As a kid I had no idea what spending hours slumped over your craft could do to your back, but I still kept this image in my mind.  And now that I have been growing increasingly aware of my humpback over the last few years, this memory is growing more and more prominent in my head.  So a couple days ago I decided to do something about it.  I bought myself a posture belt.  I’m still waiting for it to come in the mail, but I’m really quite excited about it.  I hope that it actually works, and doesn’t just leave me uncomfortable.  I hope I can wait out the awkward adjustment period, where my muscles get retrained to how they are supposed to rest.  I will probably be tempted to wear it everywhere I go.  I’m okay with that.

In half-related news (sewing), I have adopted a new technique for batch sewing.  It’s a variation on the stripping technique quilters use.  Instead of sewing and cutting all my headbands loose from the machine after each one, I have started leaving the thread attached and starting a new headband.  What I end up with is this crazy prayer flag looking thing, but I only have to do one big batch of sewing and then one big batch of cutting.  It seems so much smoother.  So smooth, in fact, that I have to wonder why I didn’t think of this before.

And now, I must iron.  I’ve got eight headbands to finish before work.


2 thoughts on “On stripping and slouching

  1. Robin says:

    Hi do you know who has the archives of this show? I was on it in 1999 but recently all my tapes were destroyed in an accident… trying to get a copy, at least for memory’s sake….

    802 572 5553


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