Artist Spotlight: UglyKitty

“Ugly never looked so good!”

That’s what greets each visitor to UglyKitty’s Etsy shop.  I think it’s false advertising.  I haven’t seen one ugly thing in her shop–and that includes Quasi, the “ugly kitty” in question.

 Quasi helps raise money for shelter cats at Cool Cat’s Rescue Center, a No-Kill adoption center in Annapolis.  When you “purchase” a donation from UglyKitty’s shop, you receive an uber cute pin as a thank you.

When Quasi’s mommy (sorry, can’t find a name–anyone?) isn’t saving the world one kitty at a time, she’s making pretty awesome stuff: cards, magnets, jewelry, housewares, pillows…  I can’t decide what I like more


Whether you’re looking for a “halo adjustment” (her words), or a file box to keep all your addresses and business cards, UglyKitty’s shop is quite possibly one of the warmest of warm fuzzies on Etsy.


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