Help me make this blog better

I would like to institute Blog Posts of the Day, so to speak.  I need some ideas for daily themes, here’s what I have come up with:

  • Monday: Treasury Pick of the week
  • Tuesday: New Shop Item of the week
  • Wednesday: Etsy Seller Review
  • Thursday:?
  • Sunday: ?

The odds are pretty good that I will have to take Friday and Saturday off from blogging, and perhaps Sunday as well, but I welcome any extra suggestions so that I have something to blog in case I do find the time on those days.


6 thoughts on “Help me make this blog better

  1. My first idea is Christine’s, so consider that another vote.

    I also thought of some fantasy shopping – if I could have anything from ETSY it would be…… Or, today I’m craving………..

    Or – can you believe this? I’ve found some eccentric items on ETSY, like a woman who crochets jackets for pears and apples – and sells them.



  2. I love your blog idea
    for “Posts of the Day”, and I will agree with Christine and add to it:
    Thursday could be pick of the month. You would pick an item or a shop that refers to happenings in the month. Holidays months are easy, the summer and fall months would be a bit tougher. i.e……
    March-Mardi Gras or clovers
    April- spring rain or birthdays
    June-weddings, graduations,etc….
    July-red, white, blue items

    Just a thought! 🙂


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